Re-Done bicycle

The Re-Done Bicycle offers cycling and making enthusiasts a tool for building unique bicycles using a set of specially designed connection parts. The aim of this product is to involve the end user into the making of the bicycle by offering a tool for building his/her own bicycle.


The Re-Done Bicycle approach to designing products starts with dividing the bicycle into three categories of components. The first category is a set of tubes for the bicycle frame that can easily be bought in any DIY or specialized shop. The second category includes the bicycle parts such as wheels, brakes, gearbox, handle bars etc. that can be taken from old scrap bicycles or bought in any local bicycle shop. And finally, the third type of components is the connection parts that we designed that are used to link all the other components together to build the bicycle.


Reducing an object to a set of connection elements endows it with flexibility, allows it to evolve and change. It also simplifies the maintenance process - elements are easy to replace in case of breakage or damage.

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