Re-Done appliances

Cheap household appliances such as kettles, are typical of goods that are thrown away while in perfect working order. But, even when damaged, the electrical components unlike the casing are easily fixable; therefore, landfill sites are increasingly becoming sources of viable and perfectly working complex electrical components. Moreover, these same components represent a major waste problem, due to their composite and toxic nature.


The Re-Done Kettle, is made out of reused resistance, standard chemistry beakers, in order to take advantage of it's ubiquity, and standardized dimensions. The main structure is made out of natural cork for it’s waterproof, anti-bacterial and insulation properties.


The cork is cut on a 3 axis CNC milling machine which requires no skilled craftsman to operate. Moreover, cork can be recomposed in order to utilize all the off-cuts.

We encourage to change the consumer behaviour and promote re-use and fixing in order to extend the life of each product. This also helps to avoid pure recycling which is very complicate with the electrical components.

All the material that are not sourced from waste are natural material such as cork and glass.

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